An Entrepreneurial Brandstorm

You're angst because that idea in your head isn't happening quite like you anticipated. You aren't sure what to do next, how about reboot! The Grit Blueprint is designed to provide a positive and permanent shift in your entrepreneurial endeavor. You'll experience a radical perspective that empowers personal productivity and a renewed commitment to your pursuit. Our boot camp is designed for entrepreneurs at every stage of development -- from idealist who are considering starting their own business to those seeking to grow or improve their existing business through strategic branding.   

We tackle the topical and really delve into brand intelligence that yields business:

  • What's your niche, difference and competitve edge in your industry sector?
  • Have you branded your company or have you simply given it a name?
  • What is your brand voice and what does it say to your targeted consumer?
  • How do you expand your market reach or get into wholesale accounts?


    Why attend?

    Brand Identity

    In this aggressive age of social media and consumer engagement, BRAND identity is critical. Having an entrepreneurial vision, a viable product or service and business acumen no longer ensures profitability or success. Before delving into the pychosis of social media, you must identify your relevancy as a brand and create a 360-degree brand voice that echoes across all touch points -- product, packaging, point of sale, web presence and  consumer experience. Brand development is a leveraging tool to differentiate and build relationship with your target market. 


    How it works? 

    We separate knowledge from noise. 

    We inform, inspire and ignite ingenuity and provide business infrastructure tools to identify and nurture BRAND DIFFERENTIATION IN MARKET SATURATION. You'll receive the groundwork for brand development and product evolution as a creative entrepreneur and small business. Our boot camps are raw, innovative, effective and immediately relevant. Your business is personal, it requires your innovative brand leadership. We silence the clutter to empower and enable you to do what you love with branding methodology and momentum. Entrepreneurship is time sensitive. In a few hours, we present actionable tools that generate impact. 


    Who participates?

    Idealist. Entrepreneurs. Creatives. Freelance Geniuses. You.

    Although we harness the trade expertise in fashion, beauty, and associated industries, we believe creating a brand footprint is universal and applicable to all business sectors. Business attire is not required. Dress comfortably -- cute doesn't count, we're a "mind over matter" production.


    To BOOT!

    How social are you? Advocacy and social responsibility is a growing expectation for small businesses. A portion of our registration proceeds will go to The Future Founders Foundation, a 501(c)3 that implements entrepreneurial programs for youth grades 3-12 throughout Chicago.